Top 4 Critical Ransomware and Hacker Security Risks and Their Solutions:

Risk #1: Static IP Addresses
Your server’s IP address is static. You use the same IP address for months or even years. Then you advertise it to high risk regions around the world putting your server's IP on hacker's list that are shared with thousands around the world. Flip this card for the Stratus Solution >>>
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Solution #1: Constantly Changing IP's
With Stratus Cloaking Technology your servers can change their location to random IP addresses around the world, every day, every hour or even every minute, yet always be available for authorized users as needed. This makes hacking the server nearly impossible. READ MORE
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Risk #2: Server Admin Access
You turn on Admin and Superuser access to your servers. You shouldn't. They are the keys to your data kingdom and powerful tools for hackers to exploit. Most major data breaches leveraged Admin or Superuser code you only need 3% of the time but have up 7/24/365.
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Stratus Solution #2: No Admin Access
Not only does our technology allow you to remove Admin and Superuser access we also remove all related code. Hackers look to crack these services but even if a hacker gained access to your server these key services and the code they need is no longer there. A hacker's dead end.
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Risk #3: Your Private Messages Aren't
Copies of your messages you think were long ago deleted could be stored for years in multiple locations outside of your control. The news is full of stories of how discovered private and "deleted" messages can haunt you for years.
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Stratus Solution #3: Message Cloaking
Stratus Secure Messaging technology assures that only the ones sending and receiving the messages or files have any record of the transfer. Within a few minutes of each transfer all records, logs or traces of the message ever being sent are wiped clean.
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Risk #4: File Transfer Trails
When you send or receive sensitive data files they are logged and tracked by message servers in the network. These servers are often backed-up and archived, storing what you sent, when you sent it, to whom, what you received, etc. for years. A hacker's or blackmailer's dream.
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Stratus Solution #4: Total Destruction
Stratus file transfer technology does not subscribe to current message server practices. Within minutes of file transfer all logs and records of the transfer are totally destroyed. There is physically no way to store any unwanted activity tracking data while keeping you compliant with regulatory auditing requirements.
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