Stratus has developed a new and very effective way of securing your sensitive digital assets from hackers and other unauthorized users.

  Stratus File Cloaking:

As with messages, copies of your sent files that you think were long ago deleted could be stored for years in multiple locations outside of your control. This is common practice in the file transfer industry as providers often need to back up their servers, capture server "images", log activity for trouble shooting, and more.   
The news is full of stories and examples of how "deleted" files can be rediscovered and haunt you for years.
In the business world this can expose you, your business and even your customers or clients to significant liability, especially in the healthcare, legal, financial and other industries where sensitive data is highly regulated, with significant penalties for improper disclosure. In the personal world, it can violate your privacy, destroy relationships and families, or worse.  
Stratus File Cloaking technology prevents these security and privacy risks that expose you today and assures that only the ones sending and receiving the file have any copies of the data or any record of the transfer every happening. Within a few minutes of each transfer, any files copies, records, logs or traces of the message ever being sent are destroyed while keeping you compliant with government or industry requirements to retain certain transaction details and audit trails.


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