A Stratus cloaked server seemingly does the impossible. It makes critical servers appear, disappear and reappear at unpredictable times and locations with variable, refreshed services and features, yet it is always ready when needed with the services required for the requested task.  

Capabilities unheard of, until now. 

First the Facts: 
  • The average major data breach took the hacker(s) 4-6 days to penetrate the target server or network.
  • Major hacks of the US Fortune 1,000 companies took an average of 180 days to discover and resolve.
  • Almost all servers (including your own) used the same static IP address for months, if not years.  This gives hackers all the time they need to hack into and then "dwell" on the server, stealing, manipulating and or destroying critical and sensitive data.  
Stratus Server Cloaking security technology would not have allowed the time necessary for the average hacker to penetrate the systems that were hacked, as it reduces the hacker's attack time to just minutes, not days or months.  
If a hacker were to somehow locate a randomly-located Stratus protected server, he would have only minutes of dwell time on the system rather than the average 180 days to complete his hack.  There is not enough time to even identify target data sources, let alone hide out and capture any significant data.  
If you allow an experienced hacker to dwell on your system for weeks without detection, they can do serious damage.  If they know they have only a few minutes to break into your server and then even less time to stay there, they won’t even try.


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