Stratus protects enterprises by providing agile, cost-efficient networks, insusceptible to hacking, DDoS and ransomware attacks, delivering the ultimate in data security and privacy and becoming a ubiquitous element of the internet backbone.

Cost Efficiency 

Stratus Cloud Management Platform reduces cloud cost to the user in multiple ways. 

(1) Most servers do not need to be available at all times. Stratus will minimize virtual server time by generating servers when needed, otherwise, the servers will not exist when not needed.

(2) Virtual server cost is impossible to accurately predict.  Stratus can monitor real time server costs and mover your entire server fabric to a cheaper alternative cloud provider, in real time.

(3) Stratus can generate servers, on demand, that are right-sized for any job so you aren’t paying for extra server size. 

(4)  When a customer joins Stratus’ platform, that customer will be able to reduce their IT workforce, and

(5) Stratus technology is such a huge advancement in security, that insurance companies believe that they can create a new insurance product for companies that employ our technology.  We reduce the cyber threat risk to such an extent that cheaper insurance policies will result.


Your enterprises cloud servers and server fabrics will no longer reside at a fixed IP address but will have ever-changing IP addresses that are insusceptible to discovery by hackers.

Server Control

The user can set parameters such as server size, transaction controls, server termination criteria (time, transaction completion, number of transactions per server, intrusion detection) and nearly any other possible parameter. The platform gives you fingertip control.

Intrusion Detection

Stratus can work with any intrusion detection system.  When an integrated intrusion detection system sends an alarm, Stratus’ platform will receive that alarm, shut down the network in real time and move the network to a new location, thereby preventing damage to the network, data loss and disruption in business continuity.