Cloud Management Platform

The Stratus Cloud Management Platform

Stratus’ Cloud Management Platform is a Capability as a Service (CaaS).  Our CaaS is a software platform that combines elements of Software as a Service (SaaS), Network as a Service (NaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to focus on a customer’s requirements, as opposed to what is commonly available.

Stratus Digital creates a private cloud within a cloud, a secure private network that provides cost containment, multiple layers of privacy, anonymity, obfuscation, and cutting-edge security. The Dynatas platform and applications are designed to work with any OS, cloud management software and existing cybersecurity software without any changes to firewalls or security policies.

Stratus Digital is the first company to bring a virtualized zero-trust CaaS platform to the cloud for privacy, security, data protection and comprehensive cloud management that radically improves cybersecurity while reducing the cost of using commercial cloud companies.  It’s a value proposition that reflects current market demands but does not exist in the commercial market today.

At the heart of our CaaS platform is the ability to create virtual random servers (VirtualRS servers) with unpredictable IP addresses (where the next IP address cannot be predicted by the previous IP address).

Our patented software creates VirtualRS servers at speed and scale with no detectable latency and then destroys them, leaving no network or metadata artifacts.  The VirtualRS servers work with any on-premises or hybrid cloud architecture as well as all major commercial cloud providers.

The Stratus Cloud Management Platform is licensed through and installed by a trained MSP.  The customer will receive a dashboard/control panel with which they can set multiple cloud operating parameters and can monitor all facets of cloud operations, including a heatmap.  The MSP will work with the customer to prepare their web applications to operate on the system.  They will install the system, train the customer and troubleshoot, when necessary.