What is Stratus Server Cloaking Technology anyway?

A Stratus cloaked server can appear, disappear and reappear at unpredictable times and locations with variable, refreshed services and features, yet always ready when needed with the services required for the requested task.

“If they can’t find your servers, they can’t hack your servers.”

The SCT System

Stratus Server Cloaking is a universal cyber-security technology for protecting web applications, data, and computer systems by using fresh, dynamic, time and space transient servers instead of using your usual static, persistent, stale and long exposed servers you probably are using today.

“While we hope you are not using usual legacy static servers for sensitive applications, messaging and file transfer, there are thousands of professional hackers out there hoping you are.”

Eliminate outside threats to your enterprise system by using Stratus Server Cloaking Technology (SCT) to host your web applications and manage sensitive messaging and file transfers.

Secure Messaging and File Transfer

Stratus Digital Systems has developed an application (Stratus Message Cloaking), based on their proprietary, patent-pending technology, that will enable secure transmission of information by chat, file transfer, video conferencing and other electronic methods that is undiscoverable, untraceable and leaves no copies, logs or residual information of the activity.  This is accomplished by eliminating the persistent messaging/communication server in the middle and replacing it with Stratus Message Cloaking technology that overcomes these common shortcomings and does not store any messages, files, activity logs, or backup data in any way.  Only the end users have copies of the messages or files.   Any trace of communication or digital transfer of files over the Stratus messaging server ceases to exist when the communication or file transfer is completed.

Web-based Applications

Web applications are Stratus SCT-enabled & certified and served by a server using Stratus Server Cloaking technology.  Users can access your web application’s less sensitive data and services via usual browser access.  However access to more sensitive data, key applications or services that could pose a significant risk to the enterprise are protected and accessed through a simple SCT web browser extension that they download and install for free.

Stratus SCT Benefits

Any trace of communication, digital transfer of files, or activity logs over the Stratus Cloaking System cease to exist as soon as the transaction is concluded.

Platform and application agnostic

Works in concert with other security systems & technologies

CloSSC hacker gateways and attack vectors

Addresses Existing Computer System Vulnerabilities:

  • Multi-functional messaging & application servers host unrelated, unneeded services, exposing gateways to other key infrastructure and enterprise applications.
  • Static persistent servers often use the same IP addresses for months or years.
  • The hacker’s dream—providing long hacking dwell times and static configuration. Applications and servers are usually available and accessible 24/7, even when not needed.
  • Allow continuous, unneeded access by numerous inside and outside users
  • Encryption Keys: Long-life encryption keys are common, increasing the risk of compromise.


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