“People’s Choice Award Winner”
PricewaterhouseCooper’s 2017 Cybersecurity Day

Stratus Digital Systems was honored to receive the PricewaterhouseCoopers People’s Choice Award at this year’s PwC Cyber Security Day in Luxembourg on October 19, 2017.

Stratus Digital Systems

Cyberattacks: an always-escalating contest

Internet-facing servers provide cybercriminals with unlimited time to attack networked systems. Once cybercriminals gain unauthorized access to an internet-facing system, they have virtually unlimited time to dwell on the servers, escalate their access privileges, and begin to move laterally to locate and exfiltrate sensitive data.

Attackers regularly create new tools of attack and launch attacks in an unpredictable fashion at a rate that overwhelms defenses.

It typically takes cybercriminals 5 days to breach an internet-facing system.  Once a successful penetration occurs, the average cybercriminal’s residence time on a system before detection is over 180 days.

Targeted organizations are on defense, trying to defend innovative, unpredictable and overwhelming attacks.  This results in an escalating, unwinnable, never-ending battle.

Patent Pending Technology

Stratus Solution

Stratus’ networked server protection system prevents cybercriminals from targeting and penetrating internet-facing servers and eliminating any progress that attackers make if they do discover and penetrate a server.

Stratus creates on-demand servers with unpredictable IP addresses that have only the software and database access that the user needs for a given transaction, thereby denying cybercriminals the ability to locate servers and also denying them the residence time they need to enact a material breach.

When the user terminates the transaction, the software is wiped, the server is destroyed and the IP address is retired. Server termination criteria can be established for a single user/transaction or based on a finite number of users, a time limit, the amount of data transferred or any other measurable criteria.

Stratus’ solution reduces internet exposure, cuts cybercriminal’s residence time, destroys the attackers progress before a material breach can occur and compliments and enhances the effectiveness of existing security systems.

Healthcare records

Data Transfer & Communications

Financial transactions

Point of Sale Security

Stratus Digital Systems

Product Functionality

  • On-demand
  • Servers have and need no admin privileges
  • Random & unpredictable
    IP Addresses
  • Configurable server life criteria, based on user needs and customer risk profile
  • Short-life servers
    and applications
  • Pristine applications matched to authorized users
Stratus Digital Systems


  • Reduced internet
  • Reduces alert numbers, fatigue and costs
  • Reduces attacker residence time on networked servers
  • Complements other Cybersecurity measures
  • Reduces likelihood of privilege escalation
  • Enables anomaly detection

Our patent-pending technology adds value to organizations by protecting their highly sensitive data records from being accessed and their communications from being intercepted by cybercriminals. This technology reduces the risk of material breach, reduces the risk of potential extinction events to organizations and protects shareholder value.

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